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CBD Gummies Canada are without any doubt becoming more and more popular solution for tackling different health related issues. These CBD infused edible products do  not only have delicious taste, but can help you treat wide range of disorders such as anxiety, pain, sleep disorders. At Zen Leafs, we proudly offer only the best gummies infused with 100% natural CBD.

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CBD gummies are edible products that contain certain amount of CBD, depending on the effect they need to achieve. Besides regular ingredients that those products usually have, they are infused with 100% natural cannabidiol hemp oil, or even full spectrum hemp extract in some cases. They are very convenient to take on a daily basis, no matter what your lifestyle is. Taking CBD Gummies is becoming more and more popular way of dealing with issues such as pain and sleep disorders. Because of the high popularity and ability to tackle wide range of health related issues , they are difficult to find, but luckily for you, we have just the perfect products.
Shop from a wide selection of Zen Leafs CBD gummies in Canada in our partners online shops. We make all our products here in Canada and pay extra attention to the quality of our gummies to make sure that our valuable customer get only the best cannabinoids infused treats. We offer variety of gummies with different dosages, so that everyone can find what they need. Our products are perfect choice for different conditions such as have sleep issues, chronic pain, inflammation anxiety or depression.
Another bonus of these delicious treats is that they are easily broken up into smaller pieces, making it extra manageable for using the proper dosage and achieving all the amazing benefits of CBD edibles! Depending on a amount of infused CBD, you may require to consume different amounts of gummies. It is always the best and safest way to follow the instructions printed on product label. Also, if you are not sure which dosage is perfect for you, it is advised to start with smaller dosages (1-2 gummies per day), and then gradually increase until you are satisfied.
The only difference between these two types is that Full spectrum CBD gummies do contain THC among other beneficial cannabinoids. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids found in Cannabis plant. While CBD is a compound found in cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive, THC is psychoactive and can get you high. It is worth mentioning that THC levels in our products is lower than 0.3%, so even if you consume Full spectrum gummies or capsules you won’t get high. Some researches show that THC can enhance the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids from cannabis plant, causing so called entourage effect. Taking them regularly can have positive impact on your mental health too.
There are basically two main reason why people choose to use gummies as a preferred method of CBD intake. One is because they are so easy and convenient to use, and the other reason is they simply taste great! That is especially important to those that have issue with the taste of cannabis.  Among other ingredients, this delicious treat has fruit extracts that will make the bad taste of cannabis go away. 
First of all, it is important that you understand the how CBD from gummy gets into your body. When you take a gummy, it needs to travel through your digestive system and only then gets absorbed in your blood stream. That is the reason why it takes a bit more time for the effect to kick in, and that is why you need to time your consumption accordingly. It is especially important for those who are taking gummies for social anxiety for example, to time the consumption properly and allow the CBD to kick in.

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